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seobeetree was established in May 2013 by Saurav Karki and Sushil Shrestha

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About Us

We do the best of what we do when we do it with a small team of expertise.

bidur adhikari
Bidur Adhikari
Head Chef of SEO
ajay shrestha
Ajay Yogal Shrestha
PHP Frameworks Maniac
kaushal subba
Kaushal Dip Subba
Wordpress Guru
sudeep bagale
Sudeep Bagale
Sr. PHP Developer
sanjay sharma
Sanjay Sharma
Ruby DevOps
sajin shahkya
Sajin Shakya
Dictionary Hacker, SEO
sushil shrestha
Sushil Shrestha
Ruby Developer/Co-founder
saurav karki
Saurav Karki
SEO Expert/Design Freak/Co-founder

We Get Real

We build web application in smarter, faster and easier way

Why are we easier?
team work

We are a small team with great expertise. Hence, you won't have any problem while communicating with the one you're working with; unlike the big companies where you'll have to go through a series of communication walls.

How are we faster?
fast work

The members we have in our team are trained in an environment where deadlines would be too close to the start date. Therefore, we have a habit of working at a lightening fast speed which proves us to be faster.

What makes us smarter?

Working hard may be required but we feel that working smart is the key. One can write a thousand lines of code which does nothing and the other can write ten lines which are just enough. We believe in the other one.

None of us is as smart as all of us.

We believe that world of web should be optimized and opinionated to the people who are searching for it. We tend to personalise our experience of searching for what we need through various Search Engines. Hence, the products we build are built for you and all of us.

WordPress 95%

CSS3 86%

HTML5 79%

Photoshop 85%

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